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   Definitions and Process Descriptions:
  • Ethylene Oxide: Commonly abbreviated as EtO or EO, Ethylene Oxide is an organic compound with the formula C2H4O.  It is commonly handled and shipped as a pressurized liquid.  Ethylene Oxide is an exceptionally effective sterilant and is used by the majority of contract sterilizers in the industry today.  Go Back
  • 100% EO Sterilization: MSC uses 100% Ethylene Oxide in all of our sterilization cycles because of the low impact on product and high sterilization efficiency.  Go Back
  • Custom Cycles: MSC can work with you to design a custom sterilization cycle specific to your needs.  MSC personnel have the expertise to assist in preparation of cycle validation protocols.  Go Back
  • Validation Services: In conjunction with assistance with FDA required validations, MSC provides the manufacturer with a complete set of each validation process paperwork and equipment calibration documentation.  Go Back
  • Quality Control: All sterilization cycles at MSC are computer controlled and carefully monitored to ensure quality and safety.  All aspects of the sterilization process are recorded and analyzed to ensure consistent results and to provide a complete history of each cycle.  MSC is an ISO 13485 certified company.  Go Back
  • Parametric Release: When a sterilization process has been fully validated, the sterilized product can be released based on the process data rather than testing a sample of the product or a biological indicator for sterility.  MSC's quality system supports all parametric standards.  Go Back
  • Sterility Testing: MSC can test products for sterility by placing biological indicators on the load.  The biological indicators are then shipped to the lab of your choice for proof of sterility.  Or if a glass ampoule biological indicator is qualified during the validation, it can be tested on site at MSC.  Go Back
  • Custom Shipping: MSC can receive, sterilize and then ship the product to multiple locations 24 hours a day, seven days a week, saving you time, freight and cost.  Go Back
  • Usable Volume: Given the dimensions of a particular chamber the usable volume is the maximum amount of space that may be occupied by a manufacturer's product while still obtaining optimum gas flow through the chamber and the product.  Go Back